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Despite warning about federal government overreach, militias groups are quiet amid crackdown in US cities

Added 08-03-20 06:14:02pm EST - “Some see a chance to counter the federal government or believe the crackdown is warranted, writes Amy Cooter, a sociologist at Vanderbilt University.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Despite warning about federal government overreach, militias groups are quiet amid crackdown in US cities”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Militias and many other Second Amendment advocates have long argued that their primary desire to own firearms — often, many of them — is rooted in a need to protect themselves and their families from a tyrannical federal government, or to discourage the government from becoming tyrannical in the first place.

But with the mayor of a major US city warning that "tyranny and dictatorship" have already arrived on the streets — in the shape of unidentified federal troops using questionable tactics — militia groups appear reluctant to throw their lot in with protesters. In fact, many have been supporting government action to suppress peaceful demonstrators.

Certainly the scenes in Portland have alarmed civil liberties groups: Heavily armed and camouflaged federal officers, wearing no name tags or other insignia, are on the streets of Portland, Oregon, and have teargassed and arrested seemingly peaceful protesters with little or no provocation. President Donald Trump has said similar forces are coming to other cities — many run by Democrats.

As a scholar of the US domestic militia movement, I have seen in recent months a new divide emerging in these groups.

Some, often calling themselves the "boogaloo movement," see the current political unrest as an opportunity to wrest power from an overbearing federal government. Others support police and their enforcement of strict law and order, even if that means authorities using powerful weapons and overwhelming force.


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