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DeSantis: We're reopening Florida for business, including restaurants, and we're not closing anything going forward

Added 09-25-20 03:35:02pm EST - “"Much of the state will reopen at pre-pandemic levels."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “DeSantis: We're reopening Florida for business, including restaurants, and we're not closing anything going forward”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

I feel guilty that my first reaction to this decision was to start thinking through how it’ll affect the election, not how it’ll affect the population, but we’re 40 days out from E-Day and that’s just how it is.

Simply put: If it’s true that the pandemic is Trump’s biggest electoral liability (and it is), then creating the conditions for maximum spread of the virus shortly before the election seems like exactly what you wouldn’t want to do. Especially in the swing state with the biggest available haul of electoral votes, whose population happens to include a famously large share of senior citizens. How does it help Trump get reelected to have seniors in Florida suddenly panicked that this winter’s second wave might now be nastier than they feared?

This reminds me of another inexplicably risky Republican decision, the Senate GOP’s insistence on going small in the next round of coronavirus stimulus. That can only hurt Trump, potentially very badly, by undermining his strongest case for reelection, the idea that he’s better than Biden on the economy. Presumably DeSantis would say that that’s why he’s lifting restrictions in Florida today — to get the economy moving again. That’s the worthiest of goals, but I don’t know how the economy can be expected to recover this winter if the second wave is as bad as experts fear and people start shutting themselves in their homes to stay safe. By lifting so many restrictions, Florida risks making its second wave especially nasty.

Which is a long way of saying that DeSantis is gambling with the highest stakes. If the economy begins to turn around next month and cases remain low, he gets to declare victory and maybe delivers Florida to Trump in so doing. If case counts are climbing by November 3, it’ll be all too easy for Democrats to lay it at his feet. And that might be the end of Trump’s chances at a second term.

-It removes all remaining state-level restrictions on businesses, including on bars and restaurants, which were capped at 75% capacity in Phase 3 of DeSantis’ original reopening plan.


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