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Democrats And The Media Are Outraged, No One Else Is

Added 07-17-19 03:16:02am EST - “"The Squad" is still angry” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Democrats And The Media Are Outraged, No One Else Is”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On today’s podcast we discuss how outrage is all the rage on the left, but no one else seems to care. The House passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s tweets about “the squad,” and still the Gang of Four isn’t happy. CNN isn’t happy either after they were unable to find Trump voters ready to declare him a racist and vote for a Democrat. We also cover Beto’s continued and embarrassing fall, Joe Biden’s mental health, and Planned Parenthood fires their new president because she wasn’t “woke” enough.

The House passed a resolution condemning President Trump’s tweets as “racist.” The resolution is meaningless, but was passed to placate the Gang of Four radical Congresswomen who driving the party further to the left. Still, “the squad” wasn’t happy. They continued to call everyone a racist and demand impeachment for reasons they can’t fully articulate. And their relationship with Nancy Pelosi keeps getting worse because appeasement of radicals never works. We get into all of it.

CNN set out to convince a panel of Republican voters that the President is a racist, but they weren’t having any of it. It was a hell of a debate between 8 women and a journalist who tried, desperately, to win them over to the Democratic side. The audio is pretty funny and we have it all.

Horror in Los Angeles as 22 MS-13 gang members are charged with butchering seven people. Of the 22 charged, 17 are illegal aliens. Still, Democrats insist on open-borders. We have the details.

Beto O’Rourke is watching his campaign fall apart. His second quarter fundraising numbers were pathetic and he’s now polling at a solid 0.0 percent in New Hampshire. That means, as of right now, you are tied with the former top-tier candidate in the Granite State. We’re on the case.


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