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Cuomo spox to Janice Dean: Shut up and weathercast, or something

Added 01-15-21 09:50:03am EST - “"I can do weather and speak up for my family at the same time."” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Cuomo spox to Janice Dean: Shut up and weathercast, or something”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Janice Dean may forecast the weather for Fox News, but she has a more potent and tragic claim to expertise on COVID-19 public policy. Her husband’s parents both died in New York nursing homes, two of thousands of deaths that resulted from Andrew Cuomo’s policy of sending COVID-positive patients back to those facilities. To this day, Cuomo refuses to give a full accounting of nursing-home deaths, even while he accumulates book deals and Emmys for his pandemic response.

The shine might be fading off of Cuomo’s star now, however, with the state botching its vaccination rollout so badly that they let thousands of doses expire. When Dean criticized this latest Cuomo administration failure by pointing out the obvious — that Cuomo’s “more interested in being a celebrity than governor” — spokesman Richard Azzopardi told her to shut up and weathercast:

Richard Azzopardi, a spokesperson for Cuomo, told DailyMail.com in response: ‘Every state has had issues with vaccine distribution because of lack of federal funds but we’re rapidly ramping up distribution and currently have administered more than 60 percent of the vaccines we have.

Last spring, Dean emerged as a critic of Cuomo after the parents of her husband, Sean Newman, died in March after contracting COVID-19.

Actually, this might be nothing more than a simple case of projection. Cuomo has lost a great deal of credibility on handling the pandemic, with grandiose proclamations followed by harsh rebukes from courts and his constituents. Cuomo’s PR campaign since the spring — a book celebrating his “success” in the pandemic as an instruction manual for leadership, his weird “COVID mountain” poster, the Emmy — has turned more people off than on. The second and third waves of the pandemic have undermined his claims of superior leadership, and the nonsensical commands over vaccines have eroded them further.


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