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Crytek, Cloud Imperium battle over how to end Star Citizen lawsuit

Added 01-20-20 04:10:03pm EST - “Both sides now want the case dismissed but for vastly different reasons.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Crytek, Cloud Imperium battle over how to end Star Citizen lawsuit”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Further ReadingCrytek sues Star Citizen developers over game engineBack in late 2017, we told you about Crytek's lawsuit against Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games, over an "exclusive" license to use CryEngine in its titles. Now, over two years (and one failed settlement attempt) later, the two companies are fighting over how, exactly, that lawsuit should be dismissed.

The actual allegations and counter-allegations between Crytek and Cloud Imperium get pretty labyrinthine pretty quickly. But a core part of Crytek's argument is that its original agreement with Cloud Imperium only covered the use of CryEngine in Star Citizen and not the single-player Squadron 42 spin-off (Cloud Imperium disputes this characterization of the original license).

Further ReadingStar Citizen maker says engine suit “never should have been filed”Technically, though, any supposed breach of Crytek's license won't actually take place until and unless Squadron 42 is actually released. And with that game's "staggered development" beta test recently pushed back to the third quarter of 2020, Crytek this month filed a motion to voluntarily dismiss its own lawsuit "without prejudice to re-filing those claims upon the actual release of Squadron 42." In essence, this "dismissal" would just delay the trial from its currently planned June start date to October 13 (if Squadron 42 has indeed come out by then).

Cloud Imperium, for its part, also wants the lawsuit dismissed, but permanently and with Crytek shelling out at least some of the $900,000 Cloud Imperium says it has already paid in court costs.

In a blistering court document filed late last week, Cloud Imperium uses some vivid language to describe Crytek's alleged recklessness in this matter:


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