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Covid-19 has been ‘really good' for CNN's ratings, WarnerMedia CEO says at Morgan Stanley conference

Added 03-04-21 10:37:03pm EST - “While Covid-19 has claimed more than 2.5 million lives worldwide, the chief executive at CNN's parent firm is looking on the bright side, telling a virtual audience the pandemic has been "really good" for the outlet's ratings.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Covid-19 has been ‘really good’ for CNN’s ratings, WarnerMedia CEO says at Morgan Stanley conference”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Jason Kilar – CEO of WarnerMedia, which owns the cable network – appeared at Morgan Stanley’s “Technology, Media and Telecom” virtual conference on Thursday, where he was asked about CNN and whether it could keep up its current “momentum.”

“I'd say that it turns out that pandemic is a pretty big part of the news cycle, and that's not going away anytime soon,” he replied, adding “if you take a look at the ratings and the performance, it's going well. And I think it's going well because, A, the team at CNN is doing a fantastic job.”

And B, it turns out that the pandemic and the way that we can help inform and contextualize the pandemic, it turns out it's really good for ratings.

The CEO also noted that “from a political drama perspective,” the virus has been “good for our society” in “many ways,” though did not offer any examples or elaborate further.  

As his remarks raised eyebrows online – helped along by a tweet from the Wall Street Journal’s Joe Flint – Kilar voiced regret over the candid admission, telling Flint “I wish I could go back and be more thoughtful about my communication” and that he would “like nothing more than for this pandemic to be well behind us.”


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