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Cory Booker launches 2020 campaign with attempt to rewrite Big Pharma history

Added 02-04-19 08:59:02am EST - “Will "radical empathy" provide cover for a complicated love story with the pharmaceutical industry?” - Thinkprogress.org


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thinkprogress.org: “Cory Booker launches 2020 campaign with attempt to rewrite Big Pharma history”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is running for president, hoping, as he said in his announcement video last week, to “channel our common pain back into our common purpose.”

The former Newark mayor announced his campaign Friday morning, doing away with the pesky business of exploratory committees and “testing the waters” to plunge right into the fray. He spent his first day on a breakneck sprint, doing three radio interviews — all with hosts of color — before going on The View.

“The critical thing for me… is this idea in America that the lines that divide us are stronger than the ties that bind us. I do not believe that,” Booker said during an appearance on Joe Madison’s radio show that morning. “The coalition that we need to build in this country, where we’ve got to begin to see each other with a far more courageous empathy, to understand that we have one destiny in America, that we’ve got to put a sense of indivisible back into this one nation under God.”

Booker writes poems on Instagram. He responds to his haters on Twitter by vowing to do “better & better in leading with love” and encouraging them to do the same. He gets spotted at the movies with Rosario Dawson.

Thanks 4 your candid feedback. May we both, in our passion for our politics, do better & better in leading with love https://t.co/fhnAslNLKH


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