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Concerned Parents of Brainwashed Millennials

Added 11-08-18 03:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: I can sympathize with your plight.? You're up against it.? You're the parent. You know, you're always wrong.?” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Concerned Parents of Brainwashed Millennials”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush!  This is just a thrill to talk to you.  I’m so excited.  I wanted to talk about my older two Millennial kids about how they were brainwashed through the education system.

CALLER:  They’re 30 and 28, and then my youngest is a freshman in college.  Luckily, I started listening to you. I was always a Republican but never paid attention to politics.  And February before the election I was going through the radio and I happened upon your show, and I thought, “I agree with everything you says,” and since then my son and me — and my husband, who was a Democrat and now converted — listen to you every day.

So I was telling my oldest who went to graduate school for journalism about how we started listening to you and I knew that he was leaning liberal, and he said that he was taught in graduate school that you were just an entertainer and used techniques to convince your audience.  I, of course, know that that’s not true, but I feel like it’s gonna be hard to get through to him.  And then my daughter, who is also Millennial, was in graduate school as well.

And not only was she brainwashed by listening to the late-night comedians every single day, I never realized they were brainwashing her on social media. But I didn’t know much about global warming, and one day I said to my daughter, “Did you know that Rush said that climate change might not be a real thing?” and she said, “Wow. My professors give me assignments based on climate change.  Why would they do that if it’s not real?”  So I was just wondering… I feel like it’s like hopeless to convince them and they become angry if we even talk about politics at all and —

RUSH: (sigh) You know, I often put myself in positions like yours, imagining: If I had kids and this happened, how would I deal with it? I talk to parents all the time who seem to have lost control of what their kids believe.  They’ve lost control of the values that they were raised with and they’ve lost control of whatever the politics of the household were.  But then there’s some families where that hasn’t happened.  I know a bunch of families — with four kids, five kids — and they have all remained immune to the onslaught that they have faced in school.


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