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Comment: Should Apple add more granular security settings to iCloud Photos?

Added 12-08-19 09:31:01am EST - “Third party apps can access iCloud Photos through a built into security prompt. Should Apple allow more granular access from third party apps?” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Should Apple add more security settings to iCloud Photos? - 9to5Mac”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

A few weeks ago, I discussed how I wanted to see Apple build-out options to secure specific iCloud Drive folders with Face ID/PIN code unlocks for additional security. One of the folks who read the article had an excellent idea about iCloud Photos security that I wanted to expand on further.

Good idea. I think they should also add a social media Album in Photos, where apps can only access that specific album when asking for permission, instead of accessing your entire photo library. Maybe a Social Media option in camera like Square, SLO-MO, and Portrait, where when you take a photo, it’s automatically saved on your social media album. And the ability to control all of this in Camera Setting.

Eli makes an excellent point. Right now, Apple’s iCloud Photo security permissions are all or nothing. Why do I need to give Twitter access to my entire photo library in iCloud Photos to post a screenshot? Why can’t there be an in-between security model?

Eli has a great idea where you could give apps access to a specific album or photos taken in an individual setting in the Camera app? What other ideas would we implement to be able to post pictures to apps, but also maintain our privacy?

As Eli hinted at, it shouldn’t be an all or nothing model. A simple fix here is to give apps access to only a single album. The benefit here is you can control what data is shared. The downside is that it’ll be slightly tedious to have to move a photo or video into a specific album before an app like Instagram or Twitter has access to see it.


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