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Comey Never Had Anything on Collusion to Give Mueller

Added 04-15-19 02:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: Remember Nunes. Mueller walks in, day one, asks to see the file on the Comey investigation of Trump-Russia collusion, and it's empty.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Comey Never Had Anything on Collusion to Give Mueller”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: So the news is that the Mueller report is coming Thursday. And it’s been on the Drive-By Media. Others in the know have been texting it out there to people. So the Mueller report on Thursday. We already know what it says from the summary by William Barr. But the Democrats are refusing to accept it. Devin Nunes was on Fox News Sunday yesterday — an amazing appearance, by the way, and I’ve got the sound bite, the things that I want you to hear with some commentary coming up.

But first, here’s Mueller presenting this thing on Thursday. Now, Friday is Good Friday. Sunday is Easter. This is a weekend – its’ not talked about a lot, but a lot of people travel on Easter. It’s not like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but still a lot of people do. A lot of people, in other words, are out of what would we would say is their normalcy. So is issuing the report on a Thursday the equivalent of issuing it on a Friday going into a weekend, hoping nobody will pay any attention to it?

Now, I know this thing has got a lot of anticipation because there’s some really insane people who think that it’s gonna say Trump colluded with Russia, they just think it. Even though there, to this moment in time, there isn’t any evidence of that at all and there never has been. There has never been any evidence.

Now, I found out, by the way, why some people are arguing with me about my interpretation of the George Papadopoulos story. Let me run through this quickly. I’m not gonna recount the whole thing because you heard it. As you know, Papadopoulos told the Australian ambassador at a bar in London that the Russians had 30,000 emails, and he had heard this. Well, we know that he was told this by two people: Stefan Halper, who was an FBI informant, Cambridge professor, MI6 — he’s got intel community all over him — and a professor from Malta named Joseph Mifsud, M-i-f-s-u-d.

Now, Mifsud was the one who first explained to Papadopoulos that the Russians had 30,000 emails. I have learned that a lot of people in the never-give-up-the-ghost camp think that Mifsud has contacts with Russian intelligence. And so Mifsud proved in their distorted view the collusion. If Joseph Mifsud has contacts with the Kremlin and then told Papadopoulos that the Russians had 30,000 emails, then there’s your collusion.


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