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‘Coffee cup Gestapo': Australian cop slammed for checking man's beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask

Added 10-16-21 08:37:02pm EST - “Video footage of Melbourne police checking whether a man's coffee cup is empty to see if he's faking his excuse for not wearing a mask is stirring the latest round of online outrage over Australia's dystopian Covid-19 policies.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “‘Coffee cup Gestapo’: Australian cop slammed for checking man’s beverage to verify his excuse for not wearing Covid-19 mask”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

While it is unclear when exactly the video was recorded, the clip went viral on social media on Friday and Saturday, showing several police confronting a man on what appears to be a park trail. One of the officers grabs the man’s coffee cup while asking, “Do you mind if I check if there’s actually anything in that?” He shakes the cup, and after apparently proving that there’s liquid inside, he backs away and tells the man, “Enjoy your coffee.”

The 10-second clip ends with the coffee drinker telling the police, “Jesus loves you all. God bless. I’ll be praying for you all.”

While the parkgoer dealt with the confrontation calmly and cordially, and it remains unclear when exactly the footage was recorded, and online observers expressed their shock over yet another example of Australia’s apparent Covid-19 “authoritarianism.”

Melbourne Police grabs a guy’s coffee cup to check if there is coffee in it otherwise, he would of fined him for not wearing a mask ????Coffee is known to kill COVID ????☕️ pic.twitter.com/7wUB1lBXDF

Australian podcast host Diogo Correa Coelho said the man would have been fined if police had found his cup to be empty. Pointing out the absurdity of the beverage crackdown, he quipped, “Coffee is known to kill Covid.”


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