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CNN's John King: If Any of Us Went on Twitter Rants Like Trump Did, ‘We Would Be Fired in a Snap'

Added 05-27-20 02:34:02pm EST - “CNN's John King went off on President Donald Trump's recent "Twitter rants" Wednesday and said anyone else would be fired for tweeting like him.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “John King: We'd Be Fired If We Tweeted Like Trump Did”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

CNN’s John King went off on President Donald Trump’s recent “Twitter rants” Wednesday and said anyone else would be fired for tweeting like him.

After the president’s recent tweets about a Joe Scarborough conspiracy theory and mail-in voting, King said, “The president’s casual relationship with the truth and his Twitter rants are not new, of course. But it is especially jarring in the middle of a pandemic, as the country he leads approaches 100,000 coronavirus deaths.”

King brought on David Gergen and said, “We have lived some of this parallel universe, alternative reality… since day one of the Trump presidency. But in the middle of this, as we approach this moment, 100,000 Americans dead — that’s the population of Tuscaloosa, Alabama — for the president to be saying things that are just reckless, and if you tweeted them or if I tweeted them, we would be fired in a snap.”

He recalled how previous presidents brought the country together amid tragedy, saying, “The president’s ducking and dodging every way he can to talk about the central issue, and that is how many people have died and how do we prevent this from happening in the future so we protect people and jobs.”

King noted that while there’s been some pushback — notably including the Wall Street Journal editorial board — many Republicans continue to “complain privately” instead of publicly telling POTUS to stop.


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