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CNN Panel Erupts at Paul Begala's Stunning Prediction: ‘This Is Not the Last Impeachment We Will Cover of Donald J. Trump'

Added 12-10-19 12:34:02am EST - “CNN panel erupts after Paul Begala's stunning prediction: 'This is not the last impeachment we will cover of Donald J. Trump'” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Paul Begala's Stunning Claim: Not Trump's Last Impeachment”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

CNN political commentator Paul Begala ignited chaos on a CNN panel when he boldly predicted, tapping his finger on the desk for emphasis, that: “This is not the last impeachment we will cover for [President] Donald J. Trump.”

Begala’s stunning claim, which came during a special, one-hour Monday-night impeachment special, were made amidst a discussion of the two articles of impeachment that House Democrats are reportedly planning to unveil on Tuesday morning. Begala noted that the impeachment process is not a “single-shot weapon” and that the ongoing court fight around compelling the testimony of a former Trump White House counsel could create another Constitutional crisis for the president. A federal court ruled in late November that said counsel, Don McGahn, could not ignore a Congressional subpoena, but the Trump Justice Department has appealed that decision.

“Going forward, if and when, the courts do say that say Don McGahn had to testify. If the White House, the President — opposes a Supreme Court order to comply, that could change it dramatically,” Begala said. “This impeachment maybe done by then. But you know what, impeachment is not a single shot weapon. The Constitution does not say it’s a one-and-done deal. This is not the last impeachment we’ll cover of Trump.” And as Begala finished making those comments, he repeatedly stabbed the desk to reinforce his prediction.

“What?! What?!” a stunned Gloria Borger replied, tilting her head in confusion, as others nervously laughed at the prospect of another impeachment.

“You would, Scott, your reaction…” a clearly perplexed Anderson Cooper said, to Republican adviser and CNN contributor Scott Jennings.


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