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Clapper: Unmasking was so routine to me that I don't recall doing it to an incoming national security adviser, or something

Added 05-14-20 12:35:02pm EST - “"It's a routine thing, it's appropriate and legitimate."” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Clapper: Unmasking was so routine to me that I don't recall doing it to an incoming national security adviser, or something”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Does James Clapper have a point in how routine it would be for a Director of National Intelligence to request “unmasking” from SIGINT intercepts? Yes, of course, but that’s a deflection from the reveal yesterday, and both Clapper and CNN’s John Berman know that. It’s the timing of the requests, for one thing, and the breathtaking scope of the requests for another. Why did Clapper need three requests after the 2016 election on material that clearly related to incoming administration policy on Russia?

And why did Samantha Power, the US ambassador to Italy, and Joe Biden need to request the identity at all? Berman doesn’t ask, but he does provide a deflection of his own:

Clapper: I was unmasking Americans “once or twice a week” but “I don’t recall what prompted a request that was made on my behalf for unmasking” Flynn. pic.twitter.com/Tq0G8HlkhA

CLAPPER: Well, great question, and it varied, and I don’t recall the exact number. But over the six-plus, six and a half, almost seven years I served as DNI, I would say perhaps once a week — once or twice a week, perhaps? But it would vary. [Crosstalk] Not every day but fairly frequently. It’s a routine thing, it’s appropriate and legitimate. When you have a valid foreign intelligence target engaging with a US person — is it, for example, an insider? Someone in the government engaging with that foreign adversary? So it’s important from the standpoint of potential jeopardy to the national security that you know — you understand what’s going on.

BERMAN: So you would make those requests once or twice a week, and to be clear, the number of unmasking requests actually went up in the years of the Trump administration from the Obama administration. Do you remember why you made these specific — and there were three, December 2nd, December 28th, January 7th — these requests to unmask the name of an individual?


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