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Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway Renew Rivalry in Epic Fight Over Impeachment: ‘You Want That Moment to Go Viral'

Added 01-16-20 02:34:02am EST - “Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway renewed their rivalry in an epic, trainwreck fight over Trump's impeachment: 'You want that moment to go viral?and it won't'” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Chris Cuomo, Kellyanne Conway Renew Rivalry in Epic Fight”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

CNN host Chris Cuomo and presidential spokesperson Kellyanne Conway reprised their ongoing, fractious on-air relationship in a long, rambling segment where almost no actual questions were answered and instead the pair talked past each other to score points with their respective constituencies.

Cuomo continues to bring Conway on air long after other news programs have effectively banned her from appearing live, primarily based on her track record of telling lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie after lie. And Conway held consistent with that pattern, initiating her appearance with a complete misrepresentation of the House impeachment and the US judicial system.

“Well, Christopher, thanks for having me,” she said and then batted back a question about why President Donald Trump doesn’t want witnesses at his Senate trial. “First of all, that’s not how American jurisprudence works. You don’t try to prove your innocence if you’ve not been proven guilty. And we don’t need to present witnesses.” In fact, presenting witnesses to disprove one’s guilty before one is found guilty, is exactly how trials work in the United States.

“I’ve never heard anybody hiding an alibi. If I had somebody, if you had somebody who cleared you of a charge, you would bring them up,” Cuomo said later, trying again. “Why? That’s in the interest of justice and it’s in your personal interest.”

“That’s just not true,” Conway shot back, before piling on the snark. “Christopher, you invited me on the show tonight and there’s got to be a question lurking in there. You’re talking a lot. I’m just standing here. I’m just standing here. But go ahead, do you have a question.”


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