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China's Overseas Tech Talent Is Torn Over Going Home

Added 05-16-21 06:34:02am EST - “The possibilities are great, but the politics are risky.” - Foreignpolicy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Foreignpolicy.com: “China’s Overseas Tech Talent Is Torn Over Going Home”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Falling rocket debris, ‘space junk’ crowding the skies, and unregulated resource competition make this the hour of space diplomacy.

Report: China’s Overseas Tech Talent Is Torn Over Going Home China’s Overseas Tech Talent Is Torn Over Go...

When Liu Chen (who asked to use a pseudonym), a leading engineer at Google’s TensorFlow artificial intelligence (AI) team, decided he was leaving the firm to move back to Beijing, his friends at home were confused. Chinese students flock to California’s universities and tech firms by the thousands to start tech careers. Nine out of 10 Chinese AI graduate students remain in the United Stated five years after graduation. But at the edge of this digital frontier, an emerging generation of Chinese experts—educated and trained in the United States—are heeding the call to join the project of national rejuvenation at home, where their Silicon Valley pedigree gives them intoxicating power to reshape organizations, industry, and culture.

As China’s tech industry has matured, major firms like Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba, and ByteDance have all established satellite offices in the San Francisco Bay Area, where recruiters compete for Chinese talent with firms like Google, Apple, and Facebook. They offer a workplace culture where their native language is spoken regularly and on-campus cafeterias serve Chinese cuisine. For many, it’s a staging ground before they take on senior roles back on the mainland. Chinese engineers and scientists power a lot of U.S. firms’ innovation but ascend to management less often than their Indian or European counterparts, increasing the allure of returning home.

Back at Chinese tech giants like ByteDance, Baidu, or Tencent, they’re a coveted talent group. “I got interviewed a lot internally … on Google’s software engineering and engineering culture,” Liu said of his arrival at Tencent. “ByteDance is copying Google’s engineering culture and some best practices,” he said of TikTok’s creator. “Baidu has always been copying Google.” Tencent, he said, also uses Google’s engineering style guide.


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