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China & Russia's ‘worst nightmare'? National Interest piece fantasizing sale of US nuke subs to allies is an ‘exaggeration'

Added 11-12-19 02:37:02pm EST - “The National Interest magazine claimed that a potential sale of US nuclear subs to allies may become a "nightmare" for Russia and China. Military analysts told RT there could be a fallout but a grim prospect is an exaggeration.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “China & Russia’s ‘worst nightmare’? National Interest piece fantasizing sale of US nuke subs to allies is an ‘exaggeration’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The executive editor of the Washington-based outlet, Harry J. Kazianis, recently published an article revealing what would become “China and Russia's worst nightmare.” In the piece, he floated the idea of selling or leasing 10 or 12 Virginia-Class attack subs to Australia and other allies into the minds of the decision makers in the Pentagon.

Kazianis wrote that such a move will allow Washington to reduce the impact of “China’s massive naval build-up,” while also rendering Beijing’s anti-access/area-denial networks in the Pacific obsolete.

Curiously enough, Russia only appeared in the headline as an attention grabber and was never mentioned in the article again. It’s also worth noting that none of the US military representatives have so far publicly mentioned selling the high-tech weapon to a foreign nation.

Russian military analysts had a bone to pick with such a possibility as well. If the scenario described in the National Interest is ever realized, it will, of course, significantly change the balance of power in favor of the West in the Asia-Pacific, “but to say that this would be some kind of disaster for China is a great exaggeration,” Mikhail Khodarenok, retired air defense forces colonel and RT’s military analyst, said.

The Chinese Navy is being built-up at such an impressive Bolshevik-style pace that it’ll become the strongest sea power not only in the Pacific, but in the whole world in the foreseeable future. You won’t scare the Chinese with 10 or 12 boats – it will only set them in a competitive mode.


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