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CASETiFY launches recycled iPhone 13 MagSafe cases, customized magnetic chargers, more

Added 01-24-22 04:31:01pm EST - “CASETiFY recycled iPhone 13 MagSafe cases are now available in several styles alongside customizable MagSafe chargers and more.” - 9to5toys.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From 9to5toys.com: “CASETiFY launches recycled iPhone 13 MagSafe cases, customized magnetic chargers, more”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Just after getting in on the Peanuts action last week with a new series of Snoopified accessories, CASETiFY is back to start the week with a new series of iPhone 13 cases and add-ons. Delivering a new MagSafe-enabled version of its recycled iPhone 13 cases, there is also an all-new magnetic wireless charger and more from CASETiFY, outlined below.

Last fall alongside the iPhone 13 launch, CASETiFY debuted a new series of its recycled cases. As appealing of accessories as they were for the environmental focus and novel designs, the omission of MagSafe was a big critique for the $60 price points. Now the brand is back to remedy the situation by pairing Apple’s magnetic charging standard with its recycled CASETiFY iPhone 13 cases.

This time around, you’re looking at much of the same recycled form-factor as before, with 65% reused materials making up the military-grade shock-absorbing design. There isn’t an exact breakdown of where CASETiFY is sourcing those materials, though it notes that there is a mix of upcycled phone cases as part of its RECASETiFY program as well as plant-based materials.

The big selling point though is certainly the inclusion of MagSafe support, with one of the magnetic rings embedded into the back of the clear case. Available across the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups, you’ll find support for the charging standard with several different styles included in the selection. Pricing for the refreshed offerings now starts at $75, an increase from the originals but well worth the added cost.

CASETiFY is also bringing that same sustainable focus to Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack with some new covers. Made with 50% recycled plastics, these soft-grip covers slide over Apple’s power pack and offer various designs at $25. You can check out the entire selection of them right here for a better idea of what to expect from the current lineup.


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