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‘Can't Believe People Would Vote for Her': Chris Cuomo Totally Abandons Objectivity, Buries McSally for Insulting CNN's Raju

Added 01-16-20 10:34:01pm EST - “'I can't believe people would vote for her to fill McCain's seat': Chris Cuomo abandons objectivity, buries Sen. Martha McSally for insulting CNN's Manu Raju” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Chris Cuomo Questions Why Anyone Would Vote for Martha McSally”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Chris Cuomo railed against Arizona Senator Martha McSally and outright called into question why anyone would vote for her in a scathing attack where he claimed “she bears no resemblance to [former Sen John] McCain’s dignity, decency, discretion.”

Cuomo’s decision to step out of his neutral, on-air persona and directly impugn McSally’s viability as an elected official came in response to a now infamous moment, where the Republican senator twice lashed out at CNN reporter Manu Raju as a “liberal hack” while ignoring his direct question about whether or not she will support allowing new evidence and witnesses at President Donald Trump’s Senate trial for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges. Since that incident on Thursday morning, CNN public figures have publicly rallied round Raju and pulled no punches in firing back at McSally.

McSally, a former combat pilot and Air Force colonel, lost a close senate election in 2018 to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema, but was then appointed to the state’s other Senate seat after interim Senator Jon Kyl resigned.

“There is no shame in Trump Co.’s game,” a stern-looking Cuomo said, leading off his show. “No matter how shameful the words and deeds, they want you to know they don’t care about anything but staying on message. That’s why today was such a perfect example with this new senator. You can’t see this enough,” he said, before playing the clip of McSally insulting and dismissing Raju.

“Senator McSally, veteran, amazing record of service. Makes this stunt that much more pathetic,” Cuomo continued, just warming up. “Did she really swap all that good faith for fealty to Trump, somebody she hasn’t even backed in the past? We see the play now, the question was obvious, so was the dodge, so was the disrespect. All textbook Trump. It’s more proof of what this is all about. And here’s more proof just from her of playing from the Trump playbook. Forget about apologizing, she’s trying to raise money off the mockery.”


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