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Canceling Katy: Dad's 'Nothing but American' t-shirt brings the heat from her fans

Added 11-30-20 09:35:02pm EST - “No good deed goes unpunished.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Canceling Katy: Dad's 'Nothing but American' t-shirt brings the heat from her fans”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Singer Katy Perry finds herself under attack from the left for being a good daughter. Her father and brother have started a line of t-shirts and Katy made the mistake of promoting one on her social media accounts. The response was swift and surly.

Katy is a liberal activist and her father is a conservative evangelical Christian pastor who is reported to be a Trump voter. So, you see the problem. She gave a plug to her father’s t-shirt venture and left it as a straight sales pitch, no political commentary. The woke crowd was left disappointed that Katy didn’t at least virtue signal about unity and kumbaya now that a Democrat has been elected president.

Perry’s leftist political cred is established. She was a big Hillary Clinton supporter and even did campaign rallies with her to bring in crowds. She performed at the 2016 Democrat National Convention. In the 2020 race, she endorsed Joe Biden. She did a little video when she went to cast her mail-in ballot, as many celebrities did this year. She participates in Planned Parenthood ad campaigns, too. No one thinks she is suddenly a Republican voter. Yet, that isn’t enough for the perpetually outraged on social media, their appetite for angry tweets is insatiable. It wasn’t enough that she clearly began her tweet by saying that she and her father don’t see eye to eye on politics.

The t-shirt has a message – we are Americans first before members of political parties. Somehow that is perceived as a hostile message to the victim class. Mr. Hudson, Katy’s father, says the shirt was created because he is “sick of the division” in America and thinks others are, too. He notes that politics create divisions in families. You may remember that immediately following the 2020 election Katy Perry created a stir by announcing that she texted family members that she knew voted differently than she did and offered an olive branch in hopes of moving past the election.

the first thing I did when the presidency was called is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them I love them and am here for them. #FamilyFirst. Call your family today. Happy Sunday. ♥️


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