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By Punishing Iran, Trump Is Weakening America

Added 04-24-19 05:34:02am EST - “Washington's extraordinary unilateralism is cracking the foundation of its global financial power.” - Foreignpolicy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Foreignpolicy.com: “By Punishing Iran, Trump Is Weakening America”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Argument: By Punishing Iran, Trump Is Weakening America By Punishing Iran, Trump Is Weakening Amer...

Last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo complained about Republicans in Congress who were grandstanding for harsher sanctions on Iran. Now, he has joined the grandstanders, announcing that the Trump administration is stepping up its maximum pressure campaign against Iran by ending waivers that had allowed some states to import Iranian crude oil.

This may have significant consequences for global oil markets. It will have bigger consequences for U.S. power. Trump administration unilateralists, together with their Capitol Hill supporters and anti-Iran lobby groups, such as the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, think they can use sanctions as a tool of regime change. They are wrong. The increasingly desperate efforts of the United States to ratchet up sanctions are likely to backfire, hardening the resolve of the Iranian regime and driving both allies and competitors away from the U.S.-dominated global financial system.

The administration’s sanctions unilateralists are making a fundamental mistake about the nature of U.S. financial power. U.S. clout is not a direct product of its military might or even its large domestic economy. Instead, it is a byproduct of the unique topography of globalization—the system of networks that allows global financial transfers and trade to take place. These networks did not come into being through any grand master plan but instead were the result of an uncontrolled and decentralized process of adaptation to the new opportunities of globalization.

The United States is well placed to control key elements of these networks, such as the dollar clearing system and the SWIFT financial messaging system. This, in turn, has allowed it to press foreign financial institutions and firms into service as instruments of U.S. power: No international bank wants to be denied access to dollar clearing, and it is nearly impossible to carry out global financial transfers without SWIFT.


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