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Browser Extensions Scraped Data From Millions of People

Added 07-20-19 09:06:02am EST - “Slack passwords, NSO spyware, and more of the week's top security news.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Browser Extensions Scraped Data From Millions of People”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Europeans had to navigate by the stars this week—well, GPS, but still—after the continent's burgeoning Galileo satellite navigation network went dark for a full seven days. The incident is a warning for everyone of how fallible the infrastructure of our modern lives really is.

In more uplifting news, security researchers made an app designed to kill, to prove a point about the intense risks of internet-connect health devices, and the need for the companies who make them to stop ignoring them. (Wait, sorry, murder apps are not uplifting.)

We explained how to clear out your zombie apps and online accounts, and why Microsoft’s very serious BlueKeep bug hasn’t wreaked havoc on the Windows devices of the world, yet.

Oh, and we—like everyone else—took note of this week’s viral app, FaceApp, which shows you how you’ll look when you’re old. Though people were quick to point out its security risks, we reminded you that if you’re worried about FaceApp, you’re going to panic when you learn about a little old app called Facebook.

But that’s not all. Every Saturday we round up the security and privacy stories that we didn’t break or report on in depth but which we think you should know about nonetheless. Click on the headlines to read them, and stay safe out there.


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