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‘Bo Snerdley' Aims To Bring The Black Vote Back To Home To The GOP

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “‘Bo Snerdley’ Aims To Bring The Black Vote Back To Home To The GOP”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On the Friday interview edition of the Daily Daily Caller Podcast we have a great chat with James Golden, AKA “Bo Snerdley” from the Rush Limbaugh Show, about his new organization looking to bring the black vote back to the GOP. The group, “New Journey PAC,” and the accompanying “MAGA.Black” website aims to recruit black conservatives to challenge Democrats in the deepest-blue areas of the country by focusing on issues where conservatism lives but the Republican Party doesn’t play.

How does a black man raised in a Democratic Party household in Queens end up working for the king of conservative talk radio? And what was that journey like? James Golden lived it, and he knows that while the Republican Party struggles to get a tiny percentage of the black vote, when you put party aside and talk about issues like education and economic growth, there is a lot more in common than people realize. But for too long the GOP has written off the black vote, and Golden is working to change that.

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Known professionally as “Bo Snerdley,” the producer and call screener for the Rush Limbaugh Show, Golden is stepping out of the background and onto the battleground. He aims to bring conservatism and the Republican Party back to places in America where liberals would have you believe it does not belong. Through candidate recruitment and grassroots campaigning, Golden believes seismic shifts can occur that will bring about a realignment of the political power structure in the country.

We cover his plan, his career, and his thoughts on everything from why Democrats declare everything racist to the fraudulent impeachment inquiry. Check out the interview and go to New Journey PAC and to learn more and get involved.


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