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Big Daddy Kane Says 'New Jack City' Play Will Host Mario Van Peebles

Added 12-03-22 08:17:01pm EST - “When living just enough for the city hits the stage ... Big Daddy Kane will be there!” - Tmz.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Tmz.com: “Big Daddy Kane Says 'New Jack City' Play Will Host Mario Van Peebles”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Big Daddy Kane is starring in a theater production of 'New Jack City' -- which he says is touring now ... and which is going to be hosting the director of the cult classic in due time.

We got the rap legend in New York this week ... where our photog chopped it up with BDK about the Je'Caryous Johnson's 'NJC Live on Stage' -- a Broadway-like play that brings the movie to life in front of audiences all these years later.

Check out the clip, 'cause Kane's got some cool insights for us -- including the fact that actor Allen Payne (who played Gee Money in the OG) is reprising his role in this new cast!

Not just that, but Kane says Mario Van Peebles -- who directed 'New Jack City,' and also acted in it as the cop who was out to bring down Wesley Snipes' operation -- will be coming to check out the show when they come to L.A.'s Orpheum Theater in late January.

The reason that's significant -- beyond the fact that it's awesome to host MVP at all -- is 'cause Big Daddy is actually playing his character from the movie ... AKA, Stone. Kane says Mario's swinging by to take it all in, and maybe give him some notes on performance.


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