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Biden Rejects Calls For Impeachment Testimony As A Trump Ploy To 'Divert Attention'

Added 12-09-19 05:06:02am EST - “In an interview with NPR, the former vice president said no one warned him about the optics of his son working in Ukraine. Biden also defended calling a voter a "damn liar" in Iowa last week.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Biden Rejects Calls For Impeachment Testimony As A Trump Ploy To 'Divert Attention'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Joe Biden is dismissing calls from President Trump and his allies that Biden testify during an impeachment trial in the Senate, saying any effort to compel his testimony should be viewed as part of a strategy to distract from the president's conduct.

"No, I'm not going to let you take the eye off the ball here. Everybody knows what this is about," the former vice president told NPR when asked if he would cooperate with a subpoena. "This is a Trump gambit he plays. Whenever he's in trouble he tries to find someone else to divert attention to."

Asked a second time if he would comply with a subpoena, Biden said, "No, I will not yield to what everybody is looking for here. And that is to take the eye off the ball." He added, "no one has a proved one scintilla of evidence that I did anything other than do my job for America as well as anybody could have done it."

Biden was referring to attacks from Trump directed at his son, Hunter Biden, who took a lucrative job as a board member of a Ukrainian energy company when the elder Biden was vice president and oversaw Ukraine policy for the Obama White House.

The Bidens' dealings in Ukraine became a top focus of Trump and his Republican allies, and House Democrats are now preparing to impeach the president over allegations that he abused his office by pressuring Ukrainian authorities to open an investigation into the Bidens and other Democrats while crucial military aid was on hold.


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