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Biden Earned $16 Million After Leaving White House; MSNBC Panel Asks If He Can Relate to ‘Working Voters?'

Added 07-10-19 10:34:02am EST - “"He's now a member of the millionaires club."” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “MSNBC on Biden's New Money: Can He Relate to Working Voters?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

An MSNBC panel questioned former Vice President Joe Biden’s relatively recent acquisition of $15.6 million from post-White House speeches and book deals, as they suggested the leading 2020 Democratic candidate may not be able to relate to middle Americans now.

“Let’s keep talking about Joe Biden because he’s now a member of the millionaires club since those new financial disclosures show he made almost $16 million after leaving the White House,” MSNBC host Geoff Bennett began. “Look no one is begrudging Joe Biden for his success, but how can he juggle that while still positioning himself as the guy who can relate to middle class, working voters?”

New York Times political reporter Jeremy Peters replied by saying the discrepancies between his wealth and his message to working voters is “just one of many issues he’s going to have to continue to answer for.”

“He has a long legislative record here that his opponents, the Republicans and the Democrats, will continue to pick apart,” Peters continued. “He also has a long history as a candidate of being rather inconsistent and making mistakes that he ends up not apologizing for and having to explain away for a very long time. I think the question going forward over the next couple of months is whether or not Joe Biden ends up becoming the Jeb Bush of this cycle.”

“He is somebody with name recognition, a legacy, a lot of money, but when it comes down to it, his abilities as a candidate really don’t match all the hype,” the reporter added. “On top of that, he has a hard time explaining his record to the base of his party, which is agitating for a much different type of nominee.”


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