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Bestselling Author Eric Metaxas: ‘We Need Serious Christians'

Added 04-24-19 12:16:02am EST - “Eric Metaxas exhorted Christians to be "serious" and to understand why they believe what they do, during a Tuesday episode of "Tucker Carlson Tonight."” - Dailycaller.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailycaller.com: “Bestselling Author Eric Metaxas: ‘We Need Serious Christians’”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Bestselling author Eric Metaxas exhorted Christians to be “serious” and to understand why they believe what they do, during a Tuesday episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

“I think what we need are Christians who are serious Christians,” Metaxas began. “I think we have a cultural Christianity in America that sometimes—when people talk about the good old days, part of it was good—but to have people who go to church but don’t really know why, or don’t really believe those things, we’ve got a lot of those, I called them ‘mainline Protestants.'”

“There are a few people, like yourself, who may attend mainline Protestant churches, who actually believe the Nicene Creed,” Metaxas said, referencing Carlson. “But most people who go to mainline Protestant churches, why have they ceased going? Because, at some point, it became culturally acceptable to stay home on Sunday because nobody believes that stuff anyway. But I think that if you are serious about your faith, you’re inclined to have a hopeful view, and say, ‘I want to have children, even though the world is difficult. It is worth the trouble. It’s the most wonderful thing I can do.’ And frankly, it is happening in the heartland, and I’m glad that it is.”

The conversation took place in the wake of South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg and other leading Democrats calling for more immigration because the country needs workers, since there are not enough people in the country to fill all of the jobs. Carlson asked why is there a need to focus on immigration for that, since it’s possible to increase the number of people in the country legally by simply having more kids. (RELATED: Pete Buttigieg Supports Pathway To Citizenship For The Millions Of Illegal Immigrants)

Carlson added that instead of Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal to eliminate student loan debt, we should simply decide to do the same for couples who have two or more children.


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