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As Gun Owners Look to Nullify Gun Laws, "Sanctuary" Isn't Just for Immigrants

Added 11-11-19 04:42:03pm EST - “From Oregon to Rhode Island, counties and municipalities have announced they will not enforce various state and federal gun laws” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “As Gun Owners Look to Nullify Gun Laws, “Sanctuary” Isn’t Just for Immigrants”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Since President Donald Trump won in 2016, people were led to believe that the Trump administration would be one of the most pro-gun administrations ever.

However, a bump stock ban courtesy of the ATF and the passage of Fix-NICS legislation has disappointed gun owners who believed Trump would make at least some marginal pro-gun reforms. To Trump’s credit, he is reportedly resisting the temptation of pushing “red flag” gun confiscation legislation — for the time being.

Not surprisingly, the real progress has been at lower levels of government, where local activists and policymakers have managed to expand laissez faire on the matter of private self defense. For starters, constitutional carry has had unexpected success in 2019, with states like Oklahoma , South Dakota , and Kentucky making it law in their respective jurisdictions. This continues a decades-long trend in which state governments have scaled back gun regulations.

Even more interesting are the county nullification efforts taking place across the country. What started out as Second Amendment Preservation Ordinances in rural Oregon counties tired of gun control coming from Salem, has turned into a nationwide movement of local government officials and their supporters. From Oregon to Rhode Island , counties and municipalities have announced they will not enforce various state and federal fun laws.

From the looks of it, it some of America’s smaller states with Democratic-controlled legislatures are witnessing a rural uprising. But it would be a mistake to believe only small and medium-sized states are joining in the gun control nullification fun. In fact, there is evidence these nullification movements are going beyond Democratic and Republican politics. States like California and Texas are joining in the fray by passing their own gun sanctuary resolutions. The small town of Needles, California got the ball rolling in July by becoming a gun rights sanctuary. California is already ranked at an abysmally low 46th place for “best states for gun owners” according to Guns & Ammo magazine . Considering its state politics, it makes more sense for gun owners to set up pro-self-defense enclaves in California’s rural areas.


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