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Are Gun Stores ‘Essential' Businesses?

Added 03-25-20 07:04:02am EST - “Yes, especially when jails and prisons are releasing inmates early.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Are Gun Stores ‘Essential’ Businesses? | National Review”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Law-abiding citizens want the right to buy a gun, especially in the midst of a pandemic. Police have stopped responding to many 911 calls, and massive numbers of inmates are being released early from prison. If shortages become more severe or if lots of police fall ill, chaos may very will ensue. People would rather be safe than sorry.

If the police can’t be there to provide protection, people are far safer if they have a gun when confronted by a criminal. That is particularly true for the most vulnerable citizens, such as women and the elderly.

But many state governments across the country, from California to New York, are classifying gun shops as “non-essential” and ordering them to close. Some express a deep concern with gun sales at this time. Senator Chris Murphy (D., Ct.) tweeted that it is “so sickening” that people want to “to stockpile assault weapons, instead of food, to get ready for the coming Coronavirus civil war.”

A surprising exception is Illinois, where on Friday Democratic governor J. B. Pritzker included firearm and ammunition suppliers on the list of “essential businesses and operations.”

The danger of the coronavirus for cops is understandable. Telecommuting isn’t an option for them, and their jobs were already dangerous. Police departments in Michigan, Texas, Colorado, and Pennsylvania are ordering their officers not to respond to certain calls. Despite this policy, officers across the country in such cities as Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles have already contracted the virus.


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