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‘Antifa fighter' indicted for assault over Portland violence that savaged man's scalp

Added 07-10-19 05:37:02am EST - “A 23-year-old Portland man has been indicted by a grand jury over his alleged role in violent altercations during protests in June. The Antifa activist was among those who ganged up on a man and split his scalp open, police said.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “‘Antifa fighter’ indicted for assault over Portland violence that savaged man’s scalp”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Gage Halupowski was arrested along with two other protesters in the wake of clashes in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square. On Tuesday, a grand jury indicted him with four criminal charges, including second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault of a public safety officer, and interfering with a peace officer, the Oregonian reported.

Halupowski was allegedly involved in an attack on two people, John Blum and Adam Kelly, during confrontations between right-wing and left-wing protesters. According to a probable cause affidavit, a police officer saw Halupowski run up behind Kelly, who was trying to stop others from beating Blum, and strike him on the top of his head with an expandable baton. The report says that Halupowski then punched another officer’s arm as she was trying to arrest him and ran away, but was later caught by the police.

The moment may have been caught on camera. Footage posted by the Portland Tribune shows several protesters, some wearing masks, attacking Blum, a man with grey hair wearing a backpack. Kelly, a large man with a long beard wearing a black cap, runs to intervene, but is attacked with mace spray, punches and kicks. According to a GoFundMe page created for Kelly, he was left with four major lacerations after the altercation.

CONTENT WARNING: Police have declared a civil disturbance after a violent brawl broke out between left- and right-wing protesters today. Video by Sergio Olmos/Underscore. Full story: https://t.co/dJMlSoDkg6pic.twitter.com/fx8hELNziW

Blum was part of a right-wing rally sponsored by the Him Too movement, which purports to protect men from undue accusations of sexual harassment, according to the Washington Times. Another rally by the right-wing group Proud Boys was also scheduled for the same date and place. The attackers reportedly belonged to the radical left-wing movement Antifa.


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