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Another woman on Biden's VP shortlist treads troubled waters

Added 05-28-20 10:50:03pm EST - “She's above her own stay at home order, you know.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Another woman on Biden's VP shortlist treads troubled waters”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham is among the women on the shortlist of Joe Biden’s choices for a running mate. She finds herself in some hot water over what looks to be asserting some personal privilege during a time when the state is under stay at home orders due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Grisham issued a stay at home order for the state during a press conference on April 3. The governor told the people of New Mexico to only go out for essentials, like food, and that all non-essential businesses must remain closed. “We are in really tough financial times as a state. It mirrors the incredible, personal sacrifices that happen every single day because people have limited their ability to work, telecommuting and many people, in fact, have lost their jobs,” she said. Little did anyone know that what the governor meant was everyone should limit purchases to essential items … except her.

An Albuquerque news station is reporting that just a matter of days after that early April press conference, and one week before Easter, Governor Grisham seems to have breached her own orders. Apparently, for the governor, expensive jewelry is an essential purchase that requires a shop clerk to open up the store. The jewelry store’s manager said Governor Grisham called up a jewelry store employee with whom she has “a longstanding personal relationship”, ordered what she wanted to buy, and then asked the salesperson to open up the store to get the item (s). Then that person took the purchase to her own home, set the package outside her door, and someone else came to pick it up for the governor.

My first thought was that the salesperson/friend must really trust her neighbors to leave expensive jewelry out for someone to pick up. The governor’s purchase brought questions from the news station but she refused to go on-camera for an interview. Grisham’s story is different than the store owner’s story. The governor’s office first tried to throw a staffer under the bus but later admitted it was picked up by a friend. The purchase was justified by a spokesperson for the governor as just following the governor’s orders or something.

The governor’s office first said it was a campaign staffer, then later told KRQE it was the governor’s friend, but wouldn’t release a name. They also said the transaction was entirely contact-less, remote and permissible.


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