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America Is in the Middle of Quiet Free-Speech Revolution on Campus

Added 06-11-19 03:04:02pm EST - “State after state is enacting laws to protect the right of students and professors to express their views.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “America Is in the Middle of Quiet Free-Speech Revolution on Campus | National Review”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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Many Americans aren’t aware of the special relationship between Tennessee and Texas. Given the ties between the two states, one might fairly say that Texas owes its existence to the Volunteer State. We gave it our former governor, Sam Houston — the man who liberated Texas from Mexico and served as its first president. We gave it Davy Crockett, who heroically gave his life for Texas at the Alamo. And we gave it George Childress, the author of its Declaration of Independence.

So, it is with a pride similar to that of a father for a successful child that I watched Texas this week follow Tennessee to become the 17th state to enact campus free-speech legislation.

In fact, Texas isn’t just following Tennessee, it’s following a number of its neighbors. More states have passed campus free-speech bills in the past five months than in any other year in American history. Eight have been passed, seven enacted.

Moreover, this legislation comes at the very moment when campus speech codes are in a state of dramatic decline. In ten years, the percentage of surveyed universities with clearly unconstitutional speech codes (such institutions are “red light” in the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education parlance) has shrunk from a whopping 74.2 percent to 28.5 percent.


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