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After months of complaints, Seattle clears homeless encampment

Added 01-10-19 06:50:07pm EST - “"I asked him to leave but he pulled a knife on me."” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “After months of complaints, Seattle clears homeless encampment”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Seattle has developed a high tolerance for homeless encampments along the streets and sidewalk, but this week it cleared on particular camp along the I-5 freeway after months of complaints from nearby business-people and homeowners. From KOMO News:

The camp had been growing for two months on WSDOT property along Northgate Way near an I-5 ramp. Around 30 people lived there, according to a camper. The City received several complaints from neighbors about garbage, human waste, and the camp’s close proximity to busy roadways…

Neighbors complained to the City for weeks, some feeling ignored. But the City says planning a cleanup like this takes time. They had to bring in several agencies and special crews to clear needles, hazardous waste and trash. They even scraped the soil to clear waste…

Under City rules, the Navigation Team had shelter beds available to every person cleared out of the encampment. They say, as of Wednesday afternoon, only one person took them up on that offer.

So one person took the offer of a shelter bed and the rest simply moved on to other encampments. Maybe some of them will be back in a week or two and then the city can take another two months to clear the same space again. Meanwhile, My Northwest reports on the mess the campers left behind for the city to clean up:


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