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A young nurse investigates murders in 18th century China in 'The Red Palace'

Added 01-27-22 05:07:02am EST - “June Hur's history-based novel binds fiction to fact in a gripping young adult mystery. A nurse in 18th century Korea's royal court tries to track down the killer of four women.” - Npr.org


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Npr.org: “A young nurse investigates murders in 18th century China in 'The Red Palace'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Hyeon has worked very hard to become a palace nurse, tasked with tending to the medical needs of the ladies of the court. Born the unwanted daughter of a concubine, she longs to make something of herself and prove her worth to her dismissive courtier father.

One night, she is summoned for an unprecedented task: to tend to the Crown Prince himself. But it soon becomes clear that she isn't there to nurse the Crown Prince at all, but rather to be an alibi for his illicit absence from the palace. For the Crown Prince and his father are often at odds, and scheming courtiers are always poised to fan the flames of conflict within the royal family.

Then, later that same night, Hyeon discovers that four women have been murdered at the facility where she received her medical training – and her beloved mentor has been accused and imprisoned. Desperate to prove that her mentor is innocent and prevent her from being tortured by the police, Hyeon decides to track down the real killer.

Her covert investigation soon draws the attention of the new police inspector, Eojin. Eojin is young, dangerously unconcerned with social class, and just as eager to uncover the true killer as Hyeon. Forced to respect each other's abilities, they form an uneasy partnership to solve the murders together.

The more they attempt to unravel the events that led to the death of the four women, the more it seems as though the Crown Prince and his absence from the palace that night are at the center of a conspiracy. It soon becomes clear that the mystery runs far deeper than they could have anticipated, and in solving it, they may destroy the fragile balance that holds a royal dynasty in power.


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