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The 11 best canned wines of 2021, taste-tested and approved

Added 02-11-21 01:14:02pm EST - “Choose a bubbly from our 11 favorite canned wines, taste-tested and approved.” - Businessinsider.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Businessinsider.com: “The 11 best canned wines of 2021, taste-tested and approved”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

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Let's face it — restaurant dining experiences are fewer than they once had been, so you may want to save that quality bottle of wine in your home kitchen for a special occasion. Canned wines provide a cheaper and more convenient, but equally as refreshing, alternative to a costly cabernet, and are great for bringing on picnics in a cooler during the warmer months. And you won't have to worry about breakable bottles or glasses as you chuck a few in your bag to enjoy on the beach or your rooftop.

And, these portable pinot grigios, among others, make the cutest photo-ops, featuring modern packaging that will want you to reach for them inside your refrigerator. 

To be clear, no canned wine is really going to replace a high-end bottle, or for that matter, even a pretty decent one. As Ashleigh Barrowman, a wine expert and natural winemaker in New Zealand put it, "I wouldn't be making a fine wine that needs cellaring into a can, but for a cheap, fun, easy-drinking wine, why not?" Though she is quick to add, "No serious wine connoisseur or professional would hand on heart say canned wine showcases wine in its best light."

I spent a beautiful day outside with a couple of friends (socially distanced and with masks, of course) taste-testing canned wines myself. While I'm no sommelier, I've done my fair share of virtual wine tastings throughout quarantine, so was eager to see how these cans would stack up. Of course, tastes are totally subjective, and what I find delightful and crisp someone else might find too dry or fruity. But my friends and I came to enough of a consensus on our collective favorites that I feel confident recommending these canned concoctions.


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