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4 places where Apple can improve its integration of hardware, software, and services

Added 01-24-20 08:15:02am EST - “Apple prides itself on its integration between hardware, software, and services. But even it misses sometimes.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “4 places where Apple can improve its integration of hardware, software, and services”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Apple spends a lot of time talking up its secret sauce: that combination of hardware, software, and services that allow it to make what it believes are the best technology products on the planet.

And, as users of Apple products, most of us probably agree that this is generally the case. But even as good as the integration between these three legs of the company’s stool is, there are still some places that it falls weirdly short. Hardware and software that don’t work together, services that don’t provide the necessary glue.

Maybe they’re use cases that Apple doesn’t consider particularly necessary, or maybe the company just hasn’t gotten around to them yet. Whatever the case, they stick out like a sore thumb. Here are just a few examples of integration that’s, well, less than integrated.

Ever found yourself adding a word to your Mac’s dictionary and then see it still underlined on your iPad? What’s up with that? It seems like you shouldn’t have to teach each and every device you own that a particular word or phrase is something that you frequently type. Given that iOS and iPadOS don’t even offer a real way to add a word to your personal dictionary, the least Apple could do is have them respect the changes you’ve made to your Mac’s dictionary.

Yes, there are workarounds, like adding a word to a contact card or a text shortcut, but these aren’t the kind of things you want to have to do every time you come across a new problem word. Instead, Apple should add iCloud syncing of custom dictionaries between all your Macs and iOS devices to make sure that the words you’re typing are always the ones you want them to be—not what Apple thinks they should be.


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